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Pour en finir avec le mythe d’Antonio Gramsci

mercredi 21 août 2013

Un livre en anglais ( téléchargeable aussi sur le site de notre camarade Loren Goldner avec ce petit mot d’explication qui espérons-le dynamitera la domination de la mafia universitaire programscienne qui sévit sur divers continents à commencer par l’Europe .....


Just to let you know that I have just uploaded to the Break Their Haughty Power web site lrgoldner the text of John Chiaradia, "Amadeo Bordiga and the Myth of Antonio Gramsci". It’s a longish "review of the literature" on Gramsci in both English and Italian, showing how Bordiga was simply "whited out" of the history of the Italian Communist Party, when not directly denounced.

The author has intermittently over the past 40 years researched how Gramsci, freshly returned to Italy from Moscow to implement the "Bolshevization" of the party, from 1924 to 1926 drove out and dispersed Bordiga’s undisputed left-wing majority and expelled or demoted the party cadre of Bordiga’s faction.

Chiaradia tells this story, and then how Bordiga, a key founder of the party in 1921 and a genuine mass leader who as late as 1925, under Mussolini, spoke to rallies of thousands of workers in the main centers of the left, in Italy’s industrial north (Milan and Turin above all), was turned into a non-person in official PCI history in classical Stalinist fashion.

When the beginnings of international de-Stalinization made this mass of lies impossible, the post-1945 PCI, built around the myth of Gramsci, Stalin’s hatchet man in the taming of the party, grudgingly acknowledged Bordiga’s early role but portrayed him as clever but "rigid", "sectarian" and "doctrinaire", a reputation that lingers today.

Chiaradia gives a polemical "review of the literature" produced both in Italy and by the "Anglo-American Gramsci mafia", which checkmated, to date, every attempt to publish his views. Chiaradia’s text is an important step in making Bordiga, one of the great, and greatly ignored, Marxists of the 20th century, known in the English-speaking world.

The dissemination of this text, one of several that has until now gathered dust in Chiaradia’s files, will put a bomb under the hundreds of books and articles written about Gramsci by the academics who have, wittingly or ignorantly, blithely ignored the real political role of the figure who animates their fascination with culture, "hegemony", or "national particularities", as they soar far above the level of real politics and class struggle and sink so far below the tasks of their own time.

Loren Goldner

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