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Beware of the French fascist Bloc Identitaire !

samedi 20 avril 2013

Dutch comrades of Doorbraak informed us that some local fascists are inspired by the French fascist Bloc Identitaire and are threatening to attack refugee tent camps, in churches for the time being. Therefore we translated into English two small articles, previously published in French and which include extensive quotations of their xenophobic and fascist rhetoric. These informations may be useful for other comrades in other countries who face the same kind of racist and pseudo anticapitalist demagogy. (Ni patrie ni frontières)

On their blog, the “Identitaires” are quite cautious at least they choose very language quite carefully. Thus they seek to weaken our distrust against them : "The Bloc identaire is a political movement which unites all those who make a priority of defending the carnal and historical identities. Favouring a France built on regions in a Europe built on Nations, the Bloc identitaire also intends to focus on social action with a single goal : to help our own people before others. "

Reading these lines, an innocent reader will probably take these people for Gaullists or sovereignists, with a "hard" line.

To the question "Are you racist ? they answer of course : "No, the Identitaires do not despise nor hate any people or culture. Our slogan "100% identity, 0% racism" sums up our position. Every nation must grow on its own land. "

Yet the reader who is reassured by this antracist proclamation should read further : "However, we consider racist anyone looking to erase the differences - and hence the ethnic and cultural diversity which enriches our planet - in favor of a uniformized world, without roots and landmarks. We believe multicultural and multiracial societies often become multiracist societies. When we are defending identities, we finally fight for a more harmonious society. "

Here, the Bloc identaire unfolds a little more its fascist sympathies. In fact they are not racist, but ... they would like each "race" to remain in its native country ! The political conclusion follows immediately : "Now we need to be clear : a good part of the population of immigrant origin will never fit in France. We must tell them they must choose, and the best thing they can do is to go away and work for the good of what is improperly called their "country of origin” and which is nothing else than their homeland. " This last statement is at least unambiguously xenophobic.

And if the reader still has doubts about their fascist sympathies, she or he can visit one of the blogs recommended by the Bloc Identitaire, like this mysterious "Support committee for European prisoners" which publishes postcards figuring the faces of the following bastards and criminals :
- Members of the OAS (Jean-Marie Bastien-Thiry, Antoine Argoud, Roger Degueldre, Pierre Chateau-Jobert and Raoul Salan), the OAS being a far right organisation inside the French military forces which tried to overthrow De Gaulle and led terrorist actions in Algeria and in France in the 60s ;
- Zelea Corneliu Codreanu, leader of the nationalist and anti-Semitic Romanian Iron Guard ;
- Ramiro Ledesma Ramos, Spanish Falangist intellectual ;
- Louis-Ferdinand Celine, anti-Semitic writer and collaborator with the nazis during WW2 ;
- Charles Maurras, founder of the royalist anti-Semitic Action française, a mass movement in the 20s and 30s ;
- José Antonio Primo de Rivera, Spanish dictator ;
- Carlo Terracciano, Italian extreme right intellectual ;
- Pierre Drieu La Rochelle, anti-Semitic writer and pro-fascist and pro-nazi collaborator during WW2 ;
- Slobodan Milosevic, Stalinist and then Serbian dictator ;
- Robert Brassillach, writer, collaborator during WW2 and anti-Semitic ;
- The Hungarian dictator Miklos Horthy ;
- Far-Right lawyer and politician Jean-Louis Tixier-Vignancour who participated to all the battles of the postwar Gallic Far Right
- Marshal Philippe Petain, head of the French State and nazi collaborator ;
- And Saint Loup, writer and member of Doriot’s PPF (French Fascist Party during WW2) and the French Waffen SS. As can be seen, the Bloc Identitaire has really nothing to do with the anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi and pro-fascist Western movements and ideologies !


The Apache Project and its leftist rhethoric

The Bloc Identitaire has many… identities on the Net and its members master all the techniques of social networking. The Apache Project is one of their numerous Russian puppets. The Apache Project is the youth organization of the Bloc Identitaire. Their skillful prose is a mixture of retro themes ("Apaches" being a word used to label Parisian rebel proletarian delinquents of the early 20th century, who created a fashion and even a dance), anti-capitalist, anti-bourgeois and even anticops rhethoric, vaguely green and hostile to consumer society (they are even against TV !), and xenophobia. "It is under the joint patronage of the last great leader of a nation of free men and the figure of the bad guy struggling against a bourgeois society fueled by poverty and injustice that we put our action which is primarily a cry of revolt. Revolt against the greyness of the future that is being built for us ; revolt against the standardization and indifferentiation imposed by a soul-less cosmopolitanism ;

- revolt against a materialistic society for which nature is synonymous with exploitation, real estate projects or recreation areas ;

- revolt against a society which only offers Parisian families a poisoned food and environment and consumerist illusions ;

- revolt against the violence which threatens our brothers and sisters at any street corner of streets and in the lobbies of [social housing] buildings ;

- revolt against the police State which is the complice of the barbarians and is omnipresent in our lives ;

- revolt against the financial tyranny which wants to transform us into acculturated, asexual and denervated sheep. We, the children of Paris and Ile de France, proud of our history, our identity and our roots, refuse to be the last Mohicans of a besieged reserve, subjected to the yoke of the supermarkets, perversity, [ Muslim] crescent and [American] stars and stripes. Because we are motivated by love (love of us, of our ancestors, of creation, of the polyphony of the world ...), we fight with strength and determination all those who undermine our inalienable right to live on our land, according to our values and our laws. You refuse also to be a pawn, forever stuck between wage slavery, television idiotization and virtual escape : join the Apache Project !”

Most of these arguments are borrowed by the Identitaires to the Leftist, situationist, anticapitalist rhetoric, which means that the Bloc Identitaire is quite intelligent in trying to capture the revolt of the youth, and therefore quite dangerous as a modern fascist movement.

Y.C., Ni patrie ni frontières

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