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Limits of anti-Zionism (1 and 2)

jeudi 18 mai 2017

You can find below the first two texts of a series of 14 articles written from 2002 to 2014 which point to the limits of antizionism, illustrating this position with concrete examples. The two articles below were translated in 2002 by a Zionist website (and published with their comments which are not reproduced here but which you can read on If you read French, all the 14 articles on the same subject "Limites de l’antisionisme" are here :

Y.C., Ni patrie ni frontières

P.S.. In order to avoid any ambiguity I reproduce here, as an introduction, a text written in 2004 which draw a demarcation line on the socalled Jewish question, the nature of Zionism and State of Israe.

PDF - 266.4 ko

New translation included (May 2017) correcting some mistakes....

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