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France : Foreigners, migrants and social classes

lundi 7 septembre 2009

*Number of foreigners in France : 2,9 millions

Among these 2,9 millions foreigners 1,5 million are working.

A foreigner is a person born in France or abroad and residing in France. A foreigner is not the same as a migrant ! See the graph page 7

1) Farmers 10 800

2) Capitalists and traditional petty bourgeoisie  ?

I have no statistics to differenciate the foreign bourgeoisie from the traditional foreign petty bourgeoisie of craftsmen and shopkeepers. Obviously in the French context the foreign capitalist class is quite small. What is interesting is that the percentage of craftsmen and shopkeepers is higher in the migrant population than in the French work force 110 000

3) New petty bourgeoisie : foremen, supervisors, teachers,

engineers, nurses, executives, journalists, social workers, etc. (part of these people may belong

to the working class but I have not found a way to know exactly : at least 120 000 are labelled « cadres supérieurs » : executives with significant responsibilities) 304 000

4) Working class (in all 1,1 million of workers)

White collar workers 487 000

Blue collar workers 547 000

Unemployed who have never worked 51 000

undocumented workers 200 000

(a minimum figure, estimated by counting those who benefit from a special social security system called « Aide Médicale d’Etat » (State Medical Help) ; part of them may very well be qualified members of the new petty bourgeoisie in their native country but they are generally obliged to work as unskilled workers in France : hotel wardens, cleaners, security guards in industrial premises, garages, banks, etc., or as clandestine « crafsmen » in the building sector)

* Number of migrants living in France : 4,9 millions

2, 4 millions are working

A migrant is a person born abroad and residing in France

Among these migrants 2 millions have become French. 2,9 millions are foreigners

Compared to 1982 the number of migrants having a university degree has been multiplied by 4. 24% of the migrants have a university degree, as opposed to 29 % of the non migrants.

About the social mobility, the general tendency is that 5 % of the sons of migrants get a job in the public service as opposed to 14 % of the children of French working class parents. Migrants children are proportionally much more represented in the private industry, while Franco-French are more numerous in the administration and the State industry. This is one of the effects of the laws which protect national labor, and deepen the division between the two fractions of the working class.

+ Population growth. In France, only 33 % of the population growth is linked to immigration. In the other countries, it’s 100 %.

- Yves-

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